ftp://ftp.pgp.net/pub/pgp/: PGP for various systems

ftp.pgp.net is a conglomeration of several machines. Right now (January 1998) there are fully functioning nodes in Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Germany (three sites, in Hamburg, Paderborn and Berlin), Norway, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

Sub-directories contain various PGP-related materials. The PGP source code and binaries for various major architectures will be found in pc, mac, amiga, archimedes, atari, vax-vms and unix though the latter is a bit of a misnomer since the generic 2.x source code distribution will be found there. The current 5.0 code can be found in V5.0. Under pc will be found MS-DOS and OS/2 versions and MS-Windows front-ends.

Other directories contain help-files for several languages (in language); documentation (in doc); the published key ring (in keys) and a number of front-ends, utility programs and the PGPTools library (in utils). A full listing of files in the archive are held in ls-lR.Z.

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